Vehicle Break-In

Similar to this?
Similar to this?
Event Details: 
My Vehicle was broken into for the second time in 2 months. The first time was in early December, and two cameras were stolen along with a vape pen. I did not report this, as i thought it was random. This type of thing doesn't usually happen in this neighborhood. I believe this was the same person from the last incident because of how rare this is, and because he stole something of value. This time all he was able to take was a couple cheap sunglasses and a cheap backpack. I have left nothing of value in my vehicle since the first incident. My vehicle is a black 2007 Honda Fit with a body kit. They pry opened the rear driver side door. I believe this person is a junkie because they went through all my trash bags in my car, and tore the place to shreds. Maybe because of the vape pen they found in December, they thought I may have drugs in my car. On the morning of January 24, My father said there was a black bike leaning on one of our trucks, and it was gone when i realized what had happened. The bike was a fixed gear, possibly no brakes. whoever broke into my car may have been scared off by my mother who gets up very early. They could have came for the bike later. This tells me that they may live close or be very comfortable with the neighborhood. It is scary to think this person may know me in some capacity
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Christopher Matthew Szczech
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Santa Rosa
Coordinates: 38° 28' 31.0512" N, 122° 44' 46.4568" W
Best Known Time of Event: 
Tuesday, January 24, 2017 - 5:00am