Vandals, Do You Know Who Did This?

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The Cravens caught the vandals in the act, but they couldn't find the teens after they ran away. Egg shells are everywhere, and this is more than just a few rolls of toilet paper thrown on a tree in the front yard. “We did stuff when we were teenagers,” Mark Cravens said. “We're fine with the TP-ing, you know, things that require some clean up. Like we said, had we not caught it, it would've been monetary damage and that's stepped up a bit." The Cravens hope their surveillance video circulating around social media will help catch the vandals. They have no idea why they were targeted. “We don't know if we're just unlucky by location,” Mark Cravens said. “We got the corner house and we're the only ones with the cars in the driveway. We don't have any enemies, don't have kids that are the right ages that would be teenagers pranking them." The Cravens have filed a police report. BY: TONY RUSSELL, NEWS ON 6
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Coordinates: 35° 59' 49.3908" N, 95° 54' 8.5032" W
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Saturday, April 16, 2016 - 8:19pm
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Upon Positive ID
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