Surrey Hills Auto Thefts

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From a neighbor; Well the auto burglar was out again early this morning. My surveillance cameras recorded him. Again this was on 112th off of Ashford. at 4:17 AM, he came up from the greenbelt on the east side of my house...walked west on 112th, bypassing my house and he broke into the car of my neighbor to the north. He did not come up into my yard or driveway at all. Evidencing it is the same kid and knew I have cameras. He stole items from my neighbor's car. He then went across the street and dug around in the bed of a pickup parked in that driveway. He then went on north/west on 112th to 113th were I can see him checking cars at the house on 113th that faces up 112th. Seeing that he came up from the greenbelt...he is clearly a resident of Surrey Hills. He is clearly the same kid as he avoided my driveway knowing I am recording him. And he avoided the house up the street with the car alarm. The Oklahoma City Police have been called and they came and took a report from my neighbor. I am preparing videos for the police. If you live on 112th, 113th or 114th off of Ashford, you probably need to check your cars. You may have been hit too. Security Tips; The color of clothing can go from light to dark on different cameras due to IR technology. We discussed how to catch this type of criminal at the meeting we attended. Dakota Alert and Optex, both available on line, make a wireless motion that takes 10 mins to install. Cover you drive and create an alarm next to your bed, it is silent for the intruder. NEVER GO OUTSIDE TO CONFRONT, call 911 then call neighbors at each end of your street that want to be part of the solution to this problem. They should get a spot where they can see the thieves if they come there direction and provide 911 additional info as they spend a lot of time going through your cars while you are "sleeping". If you go outside and the police have already been called you will be putting everyone in a bad spot. Cameras usually only provide a time the event happened due to hoodies/masks that are illegal to wear committing a crime in most jurisdictions. We need to concentrate on responding while they are "sweeping" your neighborhood, this is happening everywhere. Here is one solved by OKCPD, Piedmont PD, and Crimeseen near your area recently, same people? If you install video cameras follow some of the camera placement tips we covered at the meeting.
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Pro 35 Tech
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Oklahoma City
Coordinates: 35° 35' 0.2724" N, 97° 43' 8.4396" W
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Wednesday, December 7, 2016 - 4:00am
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Upon Arrest
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