Stolen Pick Up

Black 83 Chevy 4x4 2dr single cab, short bed pick up with chrome roll bar
Black 83 Chevy 4x4 2dr single cab, short bed pick up with chrome roll bar
Event Details: 
Kevin Barksdale and his family live and breathe cars. He owns an automotive shop in Norman and in his down time Barksdale and his son Koby work on sprint cars and race them. Over the weekend, Barksdale said someone stole one of the family’s most valued vehicles; the '83 Chevy pickup they had parked across the street. “I mean we work too hard for everything we’ve got – just like everybody does. I just have no place in my heart at all for any kind of thieving,” he said. Barksdale is spreading the word that he'll fork over $2,000 for the recovery of this truck. And in a Facebook post he said he'll throw in another $1,000 for “information on the whereabouts of the thieving b******* involved.” “I try not to cuss too much but there are situations that make you bust out and say a cuss word every now and then,” Barksdale explained. And he said this is one of them because that truck meant so much to his family. He bought it for his son when he was 14 years old and like kids do, Koby put all the money he could make into customizing it. But more importantly, family and friends spent 10 years making memories with it. The truck has the word 'Barksdale' on the front windshield and some small racing stickers on the back glass as well. Call Norman police if you have any information at (405) 321-1600.
Contact Name: 
Contact Number: 
405 329-4575
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Norman , OK
Coordinates: 35° 13' 52.3452" N, 97° 26' 30.4548" W
Best Known Time of Event: 
Saturday, March 26, 2016 - 8:13am
Case Number: 
Police Department: 
Reward Type: 
Upon Successful Return
Reward Amount: 
$2 000
Other Reward: 
$1000 for information of suspects whereabouts