Police Look For Man Caught On Camera Breaking Into Metro Home

White 1998 Mazda 626 4-door, front driver fender damage
White 1998 Mazda 626 4-door, front driver fender damage
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OKLAHOMA CITY - Brittney Jones and her fiancée Johnny Lancaster say they’ve always felt safe at their home on SW 51st Place in OKC. But, that all changed Thursday morning. Brittney said she came home and stopped in her track before making it inside. “I came home to unlock the door and the door was about a foot open,” she said. She saw footprints on the door and a broken frame. Her fiancée Johnny said, “I was sure I locked the door, she was sure she locked it, so there’s most likely not gonna be a good situation with the door open.” A situation the neighbor across the street captured all on surveillance video. In it, you can see a man in a white 4-door pull his car into the driveway backward before kicking the door open. He makes several trips in and out of the house in a span of 15 minutes. “Watching it, I’m getting madder and madder—more upset. This guy is making his way in and out of our house just freely,” said Johnny. Each time he comes out he stuffs his car with stolen goods, including computers, TV's, and power tools. The couple said they hope the surveillance video will help bring justice. Brittney described the car as a 98 model Mazda 626 4-door. BY CHRIS GILMORE, NEWS 9
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Coordinates: 35° 24' 50.292" N, 97° 31' 19.9164" W
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Thursday, June 2, 2016 - 10:08am
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