Lakeridge Run - Attempted break-in

Event Details: 
This morning a little before 4am one to two individuals broke into one of our trucks, stole some Documents, garage door openers (thankfully they weren’t to this house), and other random items like a hard hat. They then came through the gate in our backyard, onto our back porch and tried to get in our home. They were going through items on the patio, then started shining their flashlight through the sliding glass door in our bedroom and lightly tapping on it. We banged back on the window and they ran away but I ran to the front of the house and got a glimpse of the car before it peeled out of the neighborhood onto SW 104th. I’m terrible with cars so I have no idea what exactly it was but it was an older black car. Looked like an old muscle car, like a trans am or something like that and it wasn’t well taken care of and was loud. They drove right past the cameras at the front of the neighborhood so hopefully it caught them. If anyone at the front of Lakeridge Run (SW 104th entrance) has any security camera or doorbell footage of this individual please let me know. We are at 10601 Lakeridge Run. They were in our backyard at approximately 4:10 so they must have been messing around in front of the house shortly before then. We also noticed that they propped open our front storm door as if planning for a speedy exit. Please share any footage you may have of these people and stay safe! They knew there were multiple people in the home at the time (we have 2 trucks in the drive) and still fully intended on coming inside the house. These people are ballsey and not afraid to break in with people inside. Vehicle 1 Color: Black Make: Unknown Model: Unknown Year: Old Type: Muscle Car License Plate: Unknown Other: West on SW 104th ST
Contact Name: 
Madison Tyler
Report Status: 


Oklahoma City
Coordinates: 35° 21' 44.3124" N, 97° 33' 28.188" W
Best Known Time of Event: 
Friday, March 13, 2020 - 4:10am
Police Department: 
Oklahoma City PD