Hundreds of Stolen Items Recovered

Skylar Paige Lampton (left) and Erica Jo Johnson
Skylar Paige Lampton (left) and Erica Jo Johnson
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Carrollton police say they’ve arrested two women in connection to a series of almost 50 vehicle burglaries. Skylar Paige Lampton, 25, and Erica Jo Johnson, 33, were arrested during a traffic stop charges, of drug possession have been filed. Police found stolen property and burglary tools in their car. After the women confessed to the burglaries, police said, investigators searched their Carrollton home, finding hundreds of stolen items, including jewelry and two dozen wallets. Please contact Carrollton detectives to provide any video of previous crimes, they are working to find the owners of the stolen property.
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Carrollton Police Dept
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(972) 466-32
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Coordinates: 32° 58' 19.7904" N, 96° 53' 25.1376" W
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Tuesday, October 20, 2015 - 11:56am
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Carrollton TX