Felony Lane Gang in Yukon

March Suspect
March Suspect
February Suspect
February Suspect
Arrested in March by Edmond PD
Arrested in March by Edmond PD
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YUKON, Okla. (KOKH) — The Yukon Police Department is warning residents that the "Felony Lane Gang" is believed to be operating in the area. The group, which originates from Fort Lauderdale, works in teams to break into vehicles where women have left their purses in plain view at parks, fitness centers and day cares. The group takes driver's licenses, social security cards, credit/debit cards and check books. Related: Metro police search for 'Felony Lane Gang' The group received its name from banks based upon the preferred drive-thru lane used when someone doesn't want to be seen. Related: Del City police searching for fraudulent check suspect Police believe the group is large and mobile, using non-involved vehicles to cash checks that are usually rented. The Felony Lane Gang is also believed to be constantly recruiting new members who are then matched up with stolen identities through natural looks. Related: Norman police hope to identify woman behind financial scheme The group stays in one area for several days depending on their success. Several metro and state departments have reported crimes related to the Felony Lane Gang while the Edmond Police Department arrested three members in March. The Yukon Police Department released the following tips for citizens to protect themselves against the group: •Don't leave purses or anything valuable visible in your vehicle •Make sure your car is locked •Be observant of your surroundings •Immediately report suspicious activity in the parking lot If you are a victim: •Immediately report to police •Immediately (after calling police) notify your bank and credit card companies. A Facebook page has also been created for additional information.
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Tate Conrady
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Yukon , OK
Coordinates: 35° 29' 35.2356" N, 97° 44' 53.7612" W
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Friday, March 4, 2016 - 12:00pm
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