Christie's Armed Robber Gets a Hand

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On 3/26/17, police responded to an alleged robbery at Christie’s Toy Box near N.W. 36th St. and May Ave. After reviewing the surveillance video, officers became suspicious of the clerk’s claims. Through their investigation, officers determined that the clerk was complicit in the theft. As a result, the clerk was arrested for embezzlement and some of the stolen cash was recovered from her purse. Now police need your help in identifying the other suspect in this case. Leave a Crime Stoppers tip by calling 405-235-7300 or online at Case: 17-24206
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Crime Stoppers
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Oklahoma City
Coordinates: 35° 30' 12.8304" N, 97° 33' 43.9164" W
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Sunday, March 26, 2017 - 8:00pm
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Upon Arrest
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Crime Stoppers tip by calling 405-235-7300 or online at