Amplified Keys?

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Do you know either of these 2 suspects? They broke into 2 different vehicles in a neighborhood near SW 29th and County Line Road during the early morning hours of July 6th. Call Crime Stoppers 405-235-7300 with your tips. They are apparently using an aplified retransmitting device to open cars from reading the keys in the house? Check out the device in his hand while he is touching the door handle? For more info on this type of entry to cars that do not require pushing a button to open your door check out the link below.
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Crime Stoppers
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Coordinates: 35° 25' 29.5572" N, 97° 40' 23.826" W
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Monday, July 6, 2015 - 3:14am
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Upon Arrest
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Crime Stoppers 405-235-7300