American Legion Bell Stolen

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Thieves made off with a donation to veterans weighing more than 300 pounds from the Tulsa American Legion Post. Officials said the donation was so heavy that when the large bell was given to the legion, it had to be brought in with large machines, but thieves were still able to get away with it unnoticed. The bell hung at the Webb City High School in Osage County before it was donated to the American Legion so they could use it during ceremonies to honor veterans. Officials said they believe whoever took it will try to scrap it for quick cash. The legion has put all local scrapyards on high alert. The bell is 20” x 26”. It was made by the American Bell Foundry Company in Horthville, Michigan. The number “30” is printed on the bell. Veterans at the American Legion said they wonder who would steal from the men and women who fought for Americans’ freedom. There is a $100 reward for anyone with information leading to the bell’s discovery. © 2016 Cox Media Group.
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Pro 35 Tech - Tulsa
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Coordinates: 36° 9' 0.054" N, 95° 58' 41.1672" W
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Monday, April 25, 2016 - 10:56am
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Upon Successful Return
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